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We have the top ranking of quality and customer satisfaction, from DIAMOND CERTIFIED. DIAMOND CERTIFIED is an independent company that critically rates businesses for fair business practices and accountability. To view their webpage assessment about us please click on the following link: DIAMOND CERTIFIED.

We have California State licenses for FENCING (C-13), GENERAL WELDING (C-60) and DECKING (D-41). Please click on the following link to view our accreditations: CALIFORNIA CONTRACTOR’S BOARD. Our license number is #543558.

Arbor Fence is proud to share these testimonials of our customers. These are not revised or rewritten recommendations but simply words of gratitude that we receive day by day! We have deliberately removed people’s contact information to preserve our customer’s privacy.

Melanie R
“You guys Rock!! What can I say my dogs are very happy!! Thank you Bella & Jasper ßthe dogs”

“Dear Arbor Fence folks:
Thank you again, for the wonderful fence. I love it (and so do the neighbors!) Lorenzo and Ramiro worked very hard and did a great job. Best regards.”

Tami Jo M
“Dear Arbor Fence Staff & Personnel
Thank you for the recent exceptional service I received on April 16th & 17th. The fence and gates are not only beautiful, but securely crafted. I appreciate the crew who came out to do the work. They were very polite and efficient.”

“Just a note to let you know that Efrain and his helper are two hard-working guys. I didn’t see anyone stop for lunch. Going at it all day. Tell them I appreciate it – and was very impressed.”

Beverly and Barry
“Thank you for all your help re the new railings. We’re pleased with the results. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. Our best.”

“Thanks again for the fence. We have not seen it yet, but our tenants say it looks great!”

Kirke and Phylis
“We really like our fence! Thank you for your expertise, your kindness, attentiveness and helpfulness. Your crew did a fine job. They were cooperative, polite, helpful,and they were pleasant to have working in our yard. We would be happy to recommend your organization to anyone who wants to have a fence built. You and your crew made our fence project an enjoyable one and we again thank you. You are all appreciated.”

Barbara F
“Thank you so much for the nice job… the fence looks great! Please extend my thanks and a pat on the back to the crew who worked on my project. They were very professional, polite and tidy. They did all the sawing in the street and were careful about my plants… just a great job! You can be sure I will use your company for another small section I need to have replaced as well as recommend Arbor to others. Thanks again.”

Debbie A
“You guys are all great and a great family business. Thanks for everything!”

Carolyn M
“Miguel was a great worker and paid a lot of attention to detail to make everything exactly like I wanted it.”

Kazuo M
“All my neighbors are as pleased as I am. From phone conversations to final step. All went well. Efficiency and friendliness means a great deal to me.”

The following comments come directly from customer satisfaction surveys processed by DIAMOND CERTIFIED:

Elizabeth Perry
“Very nice crew-very personable and willing to consider changes and options specific to task at hand. Good experience over all. Would happily recommend Arbor Fence Inc.”

Guido D.
“They’re honest. They have good prices.”

Karen M.
“I liked everything about them. The crew was knowledgeable. They worked very hard. They used good materials. The customer service was great.”

Scott A.
“They did what they said they were going to do. They got the job done on time.”

Mona W.
“They got the job done on time. They did a good clean up job.”

June D.
“The guy that represented them was very nice. He answered all my questions.”

Stanley C.
“They were prompt and neat. They did what they said they would do.”

Dean T.
“The guys were friendly and thorough. The whole process was just very easy.”

Steve B.
“We asked them to do a fence that they hadn’t done before. They did it without any hesitation.”

Dennis P.
“They were efficient. We were pleased with the work that they did.”

Sally G.
“The finished product, the guys were courteous and polite. They did a good clean-up job.”

Todd S.
“I like everything about them. The people are friendly. The price is decent. The fence looks great.”

Rick D.
“They were just great, very professional.”

Sam M.
“They were easy to work with, just very straightforward.”

Bill B.
“They did the work promptly.”

“The follow-through, they stayed on the job.”

Linda M.
“I liked the salesperson.”

Rob S.
“They were able to do the job within the time frame I asked them to do it.”

Gayle P.
“They were local.”

Mike N.
“The quality of the product.”

Brian S.
“They did a first class job and they stayed until they finished.”

Elain D.
“They were 100% on everything they did.”

Mark K.
“The did some good work on some nasty hillside.”

Ed A.
“Good customer service and quality product”

Sherry S.
“They were thorough and did a great job on the fence.”

Jeff C.
“I liked that they got in, got the work done, and had no problems.”

Chris S.
“They were professional, considerate, and thorough.”

Sal E.
“They had great workers. The crew knew exactly what they were doing.”

William P.
“They did what they said they would do.”

Sara A.
“They are very personable, they usually showed up right on time and get the job done, and they do beautiful work.”

Sally R.
“They are very reliable and they showed up when they said they would.”

Michael F.
“They came out and put the fence up straight, they did it all in one day, they listened, and they cared about what I thought.”

Stephanie H.
“Quality of work”

Denise T.
“The quality was excellent.”

Tada D.
“They are wonderful.”

Darius A.
“They were easy to work with and did a great job.”

Ruth E.
“I liked that they are reliable and they did the job in a timely manner.”

V. O. A.
“Their good communication and friendliness”

Julie A.
“They did a good job for the money.”

Nancy S.
“Their professionalism”

William P.
“I like the quality of the fence and good workmanship.”

Christopher S.
“I like their friendliness, responsiveness, and their professionalism.”

Diane J.
“I thought they were over building the fence, but when they finished it, I was glad that we did it their way.”

Toby R.
“Once they started they are very reliable.”

Frank H.
“They were very straight forward.”

Michael H.
“I feel really good about the staff. Karen, one of the owners, is excellent.”

Peggy P.
“I liked their timeliness, creativity and good workmanship.”

Richard R.
“They are real, open, up front, honest people, plus they are affordable.”

Louise C.
“I like about the care they put in their work and the workmen are just great.”

Ken W.
“They did a quality job and the service was prompt.”

Holly H.
“They are local and built to my specs and they also did work for our little league association on short notice and at a good price.”

Nancy S.
“Their workmanship”

Gwen S.
“They definitely worked with us and upgraded the fence material.”

Frank B.

Christina T.
“They did a good job and worked within our time constraints.”

Mrs. T.
“They were on time every morning, they did good work in a very timely manner, we’re very pleased with the work.”

Mr. B.
“The way they showed up when they said they would. They responded on time with the estimate, scheduled the job, showed up the day they were supposed to be here. Also, the owner directed the crew when they got here, everything was explained, the job site boss was very communicative with us and the neighbors.”

Mr. D.
“Their professionalism, their artistry, their craftsmanship, the fence is amazing it’s a piece of art, they were recommended by the builder of my home and I continue to recommend them.”

Elaine D.
“Honesty, quality and they stick to their word.”

Tim G.
“They got out and did the work, understood what I wanted and did it.”

Arlene B.
“Personal service, they communicated very well, staff was very nice and their work was good.”

Peter N.
“Responsiveness, ability to work with customer and get the job done.”

“They were there when they said they would be. Also, they were very flexible, reasonable to deal with and they handled the changes very well. Lastly, they were great with the tenants at the property, nothing but professional.”

Mr. P.
“Returned calls, rapid response and good work.”

Mr. C.
“We’ve used them before, came out get it done, fast and good.”

JoAnn J.
“They have a good product and it was well priced. It was a great experience and my neighbors loved it too.”

Mrs. F.
“They were prompt and we were able to negotiate the price.”

Bob S.
“They were prompt.”

Domain C.
“They did a professional job in a quick time”

Terry D.
“Personal service. Listened to customer and gave suggestions”

Stan F.

Delores F.
“Easy & quick”

Robert F.
“Very good quality work”

Gary G.
“Very efficient and clean”

Kelleher Corporation
“Professional; on time; clean. Accurate pricing”

Almos & Andrews Inc.
“They have good quality products. The job was done as promised”

Carol B.
“They’re professional, cope with changes, excellent employees”

Charley B.
“Very efficient, good crew”

Billy C.
“Real courteous and on time”

Creekside Village
“Responsive and reliable”

Marin Glen Homeowners
“We are quite pleased with their service”

Flora Springs Winery
“The job was done well. The products are quality.”

Peter H.
“Owner on site. Immediate correction to mistake”

Bill H.
“They were square with me. Delivered what they said”

Kelly H.
“Quality of work; Karen’s interaction”

Lucinda L.
“On time, made a mistake and fixed it”

City Of Sonoma
“Courteous, prompt and communicates”

William M.
“They were courteous and on time”

Tom M.
“Job done quickly and efficiently”

John M.
“Good job and everything turned out fine”

Charles P.
“Beautiful work, knowledgeable in their work”

Gerri P.
“Friendly and responsive”

Patti P.
“The professionalism and work ethic”

Harry F.
“Quality of work”

Jim A.
“The product”

Chuck C.
“Nice to deal with, responsible”

Emily O.
“They put in a good fence. Owner is pleasant to work with”

Scott D.
“They got the job done”

Lesley G.
“Good quality fence”

Jodi H.
“The quality of the fence itself”

Because this page is continuously updated there will be lots more to come. Thanks for your time and attention reading our customer’s comments! If you care to add one please email us at: Sales@arborfence.com