Steel Fences

  • Xcel Steel Fence Systems

    Xcel is a reliable, long-wearing, attractive ornamental steel pre-fab fence system. We have been delighted with Xcel products, warranties and service. All Xcel fence styles come in the following (3) sizes: RESIDENTIAL: Top and Bottom rails are 1 3/8" sq. 18 ga. Pickets are 5/8" sq.19 ga. on 4" centers and posts are 2" sq.16 ga COMMERCIAL: Top and Bottom rails 1 1/2" sq. 16 ga. Pickets are 3/4" sq. 18 ga. on 4" centers and posts are 2 1/2" sq. 14 ga. INDUSTRIAL: Top and bottom rails are 1 3/4" sq. 14 ga. Pickets are 1" sq. 14 ga. on 4" centers and posts are 3" sq. 12 ga.

  • Steel Pool Fences

    Pool enclosure fences and gates can be made from many different materials including wood, vinyl, steel, or chainlink. We understand the primary reason for a fence is to create an effective barrier to prevent small children/animals from falling into the pool, however that doesn’t mean in cannot look beautiful as well!

    State and local building codes dictate the fence type, distance from pool, openings, height, rails spacing, bottom gap allowance and gate swing direction.  We always suggest that a pool and fence contractor should be consulted at the same time for code/inspection purposes.  There have been countless occasions where homeowners find out at the last second that they need a fence to finish their pool and pass inspection, left desperately scrambling at the last minute.

  • Custom Steel Fences

    Custom steel fabrication is a lot of fun for us because we enjoy collaborating with our clients to create a design that is always a unique, personal statement of our homeowners. Steel is such a versatile, dramatic material to work with!

    We also use a variety of coatings for these projects – simple rusted looks, bare steel cleaned and sealed, primed and painted finishes as well as powder-coatings.