Vinyl Fencing and More

We offer the widest array of styles, colors, textures and sizes, making it easy to create a look that complements your personality and lifestyle. Our vinyl has the innovative ColorLast fade protection and the CertaGrain® and Select Cedar textures deliver the most authentic wood-grain texture available on the market. The CertaStucco™ textured fence provides a cutting-edge alternative to traditional stucco walls in a beautiful low-maintenance design. Every style is designed for exceptional performance and backed by a Lifetime (limited) Warranty, ensuring our vinyl will outlast and out perform other vinyl fences on the market.

  • Vinyl Picket Fences

    Bufftech Vinyl traditional fences are a timeless look that is always in style. Available styles include the Cape Cod and Danbury which are the pointed-picket styles, and Rothbury and Yorkshire which are the dog ear picket styles. The Danbury Select Cedar options also offer a realistic-looking wood grain with 7 stain colors to choose from. And no paint, no staining - these vinyl fences are so easy to maintain, and the longevity just can't be beat.

  • Vinyl Pool Fencing

    Bufftech Vinyl contemporary fences are easy care with modern-day flair. Styles include the Victorian and Princeton with a 1-1/2" picket, the Baron with a 3" picket (offered in smooth as well as Select Cedar wood-grain textures), and the Countess and Monarch which have a combination of 1-1/2" and 3' pickets. All the fences in this category (except for the Victorian) are Pool Code compliant and meet most local building codes for use around pools. So no more worrying, you can pick any one of these styles and know you are adhering to Code regulations. And the vinyl’s long wearing durability of these fences will cause it to stay beautiful for years to come.

  • Semi-Private Vinyl Fence

    Bufftech Vinyl semi-private fences are a smart option that complements any setting. Create privacy without feeling closed off from the world. Ideally these fences will give enough privacy to keep you from feeling you are on display to the neighbors, yet still allows for visibility and light to come through. We have loved installing these fences for our clients because they are both quick and easy to install and provides long wearing durability to stay beautiful for years. No pain, and they are easy to maintain and clean. Styles options include Imperial (available in smooth and Select Cedar wood-grain textures), Columbia and Millbrook.

  • Vinyl Privacy Fence

    A vinyl privacy fence has many uses, from keeping your kids and pets safe to enclosing your pool, a privacy fence does just that, creates privacy. Some people choose the basic, standard fence - no texture, no top accent - while others prefer the more colorful, textured models, both are quite beautiful in almost any landscape. A vinyl privacy fence is strong and durable and requires very little maintenance. Over 16 different colors with realistic looking wood-grain and stucco textures as well, all that can be kept clean and pristine with the occasional pressure wash.

  • Vinyl Post and Rail Fences

    Bufftech’s Post & Rail fencing provides a safe, reliable enclosure for horses and other livestock. Post & Rail comes in two textures smooth and CertaGrain texture which offers the authentic look of painted wood fencing. Both smooth and CertaGrain textures are available in several different colors. Vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free, eliminating the hassle of painting, sanding and staining; not to mention eliminates the cost of replacing warped, rotted sections. Ideal for all climates has unparalleled fade protection from harsh ultraviolet rays. Arbor Fence both installs as well as sells this vinyl material, to purchase the material alone you can visit our online store at


    Bufftech vinyl decking is like no other. Unlike wood decks, vinyl decking will never split or splinter or stain from accidental spills. Vinyl decking provides barefoot comfort with its skid-resistant and cool surface. With vinyl decking, you don’t have the hassle and expense of having to maintain your deck every year with costly waterproofing sealants. Installation is easy because vinyl decking cuts and fastens just like wood. Benefits:  * Virtually Maintenance-free * Easy to clean * Exceptional Performance * Impervious to insect damage * Consistent quality and appearance * Looks first day beautiful year after year * Class 1 fire rating * Lifetime limited warranty with SureStart Protection


    Vinyl Railing is the same superior, maintenance-free quality as the vinyl fences, arbors and decks.  Think about a railing with no splinters, no staining, repainting or rusting.  This railing looks brand new year after year after year!


    Postcaps are the finishing touch to your fence.  From decorative to solar, there are many different options to add that personal touch to your fence.


    Vinyl is a versatile product that can be fabricated into projects other than the standard styles it was designed for which makes it really fun to work with. We’ve created sheds, benches, pergolas, planter boxes, screens, arbors and always discovering new ways to utilize vinyl. So check out our gallery and maybe you can come up with another innovative way to use this multi-purpose material!