Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours of operation and location?

A:  We are open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm and are closed on Saturday and Sunday. We are located at 22725 8th Street East Sonoma, Ca 95476.   We work in Sonoma, Napa Counties.

Q:  What payment methods do you accept?

A:  We accept Cash, Checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards.

Q:  Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

A:  YES WE ARE!  We are licensed by the California State Contractors Board (License# 543558).  We are fully bonded and carry Workman’s Comp, General Liability as well as Auto Insurance.  We have the following classifications: C60- Welding, C13- Fencing, D41- Siding and Decking. Should you need a certs please don’t hesitate to ask. We have been a Diamond Certified contractor for over 12 years along with have an A+ rating with the BBB. Please see our testimonial page for further information.

Q:  Do you do free estimates?

A:  Yes, we absolutely do.

Q: What is your payment schedule?

A: Our standard terms are 10% down upon signing the contract (up to $1000.00). We will then collect a start payment at the beginning of the job along with the final payment due on the day of completion. Progress payments will be set up for larger scale projects.  Any project involving our special order products (such as vinyl) will be subject to a larger down payment.  Call for more details on vinyl.

Q:  Can you bill my neighbor separately if we are splitting the cost?

A:  Of course, we can definitely make those arrangements to do so.  We would just need you to provide all their contact information so we can work with them directly to collect payments during installation.  Since responsibility is shared, be sure to have them sign the contract as well.

Q: What is your Warranty?

A: We guarantee our work to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Many of the products we use come with separate manufacturer’s warranty’s that can range from several years to a lifetime guarantee.

Q:  How soon after I sign my contract can you begin my project?

A:  Jobs are scheduled in the order we receive them, so as soon as we get your signed contract and down payment we can hold your spot on the schedule.  Someone will contact you shortly after we receive both to schedule you.

Q:  What prep work do I need to do before you install my fence?

A:  We realize you may have belongings (potted plants, yard decor etc.) surrounding the fence, we ask that you relocate your belongings at least 2-3 ft away from the fence on either side to give us room to work.  Although we are very careful, sometimes the nearby landscaping can be damaged when removing and installing your fence.  We do our absolute best to preserve your landscaping and work around any trees in the fence line.

Q: What if I have pets?  What if I have a pool?

A:  Should you have any pets, or perhaps a pool please let us know ahead of time and we can put up temporary fencing at night or over the weekend to keep your property enclosed during the course of your project installation. You and all neighbors involved with the new fence should have your pets inside during day while the crew is onsite or have prior arrangements made for them.   Please talk to your neighbors ahead of time.

Q: What about the old fence?

A:  We  haul away your old fence, so be sure to remove anything attached to the fence that you would like to keep.  The old fence posts will be cut off at ground level unless prior arrangements have been made. The old concrete is usually left in the ground and the new fence posts will be relocated to a new position in the same fence line. This will make the new fence stronger and more secure.

Q:  Do I need to be there when your crew arrives?

A:  If your fence or deck project is complex then please plan on being home or onsite the morning we start. We understand that it may not always be possible to meet the morning we start your project. So if you are unable to be physically there when we start, please be available by phone should we have any questions.  Another option is to make arrangements for us to meet up with you a few days before starting your job to review everything.

Q:  Do I need to know where my property lines are?

A:  We will build your new fence in the same place it is currently unless you instruct us otherwise.  If we are installing a new fence where there is no existing fence, then we can stake out the location of the fence line together with you the morning we start your job.  If you are not sure where your property lines are and need a surveyor prior to us starting we recommend:

Cliff Stock
Oberkamper & Associates Civil Engineers
7200 Redwood Boulevard, Suite 308
Novato California 94945
Phone:  415-897-2800 ext. 107
Cell:  415-720-8757
Fax: 415-897-2020
Email:  cliff@oberkamper.com

Q: Do I need a permit?

A:  We can advise you as to the local zoning codes but it is your responsibility to comply.  Most cities and counties will require a permit for any solid fence that is over 6′ tall. That 6′ tall fence may also be subject to a “set back” of where it can begin and end.  Fences located in the front of a property are usually only allowed to be 3′ to 4′ tall.  If you are requesting a fence outside of code, you can either get the permit yourself or we can work with you to acquire a permit, however permit costs are not included in the contract pricing and we would charge additional fees for our efforts.

Q: What about my water and sprinkler lines?

A:  We will make every possible effort not to damage any sprinkler or water lines while on your project, however when building a new fence sometimes underground lines that are close to the fence can be hit and damaged while digging new post holes.  We ask that you clearly mark and protect these sprinkler/water lines if possible.  In the event we unintentionally damage any underground lines, above ground sprinkler heads or dip systems, we will we will notify you of the damage if we are aware of it.  We cannot take responsibility for for any damage to unmarked utilities since we are not able to accurately include the cost of these unforeseen repairs in our estimate.  We can try and fix the damage for an additional and reasonable cost, or you can hire another company to fix the damage at your expense.  For gas lines we can call USA “Underground Services Association” to come out 48 hours prior to us installing and have them mark all lines in colored paint.  Call for more details on how this works.

Q:  What makes you different?

A:  Arbor Fence, Inc. is family owned and operated, and prides itself on being superior to our competition for the following reasons:

1. CONCRETE: We DO NOT “Dry Pack” or “Dry/Set” the concrete when setting your posts.  When we build your fence we do not buy bags of pre-mixed concrete. We buy cement and custom mix the concrete on-site, to suit the soil conditions. This creates a stronger SOLID “Slug” around the posts. Dry Packing/Dry Setting does not allow for proper hydrating of the concrete mix and results in chunks of concrete and rock instead of a consistent “Slug” around the posts. Beware, an improperly prepared “Slug” allows for premature rotting of the post, unwanted settlement and a very weak foundation for your fence, which significantly jeopardizes the longevity of your fence.

2. NAILS: We use galvanized nails to secure your rails to the posts and rim-shanked galvanized nails to attach the vertical boards to the rails. The galvanizing prevents the nails from corroding and staining the wood.  The rim-shank nail has ridges, like a screw, and will not back out of the fence board like a regular nail.  We DO NOT use staples or dado boards to secure our fence boards, as these two methods cause the boards to bow and pull away from the fence.

3. POSTS: We use Pressure Treated Douglas Fir posts instead of pressure treated Hem Fir or Merch Cedar. Douglas Fir is a much harder wood, bows less, and lasts many years longer than the others.

4. WOOD: We primarily use Construction Heart Redwood, Construction Common Redwood or Western Red Cedar for the 2 x 4 rails and vertical fence boards.  These 3 options are the best quality available on the market today for fence construction. We choose NOT to use lower grade wood such as Merch Redwood, as it has a very loose knot structure, softer sap wood and rots much earlier.

A SUPERIOR fence saves you thousands of dollars in the long-run, and that is our goal.
Please call us anytime for free, professional advice.