Pool Fences

Pool enclosure fences and gates can be made from many different materials including wood, vinyl, steel, chainlink, etc. They can be both functional for safety as well as a beautiful accent your pool area. The primary reason for a pool fence is to create an effective barrier to prevent small children, animals and stranger from falling into a pool, however it can be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

New pool construction requires a building inspector to access the fence to ensure it is compliant with pool code. The state and local building codes dictate the type of fence, distance from pool, openings, height, distance of rails from each other, gap under fence and other issues. The codes for your area can be researched at your local building department depending on whether you are in the city or county limits. City or county regulations may differ so we can assist you to ensure you are complying with the correct regulations.

Although the building codes are very specific, you still have many pool fence styles to choose from! We have a lot of experience working closely with pool contractors on these new pool construction processes. So whether you have a new pool construction project or are simply trying the enclose your existing pool, we have a variety of fence styles and can always work side-by-side with you to custom-make whatever you are envisioning.