Wood Fences

  • Solid Wood Fences

    All of our SOLID WOOD fences are made from the highest quality products currently available in the marketplace. We use only the highest grades of lumber for both the best appearance and longevity of your fence. The following galleries below display the APPEARANCE of our fence styles, there are many different design options when it comes to wood fencing. We take much pride in the quality of our workmanship and material. All posts are set with wet-mix concrete and the boards/rails are secured with rim-shank galvanized nails.

  • Open Wood/Picket Fences

    We have a variety of open fences that will give your property a beautiful, decorative treatment while also providing a distinctive border around your yard. There are many options ranging from the traditional picket fence, to a rustic natural split-rail fence. We only use the highest quality lumber on the market, Construction Heart Redwood, Construction Common Redwood and Western Red Cedar. Posts are always set in wet-mix concrete and the pickets/rails are secured with galvanized rim-shank nails, both essential in ensuring the longevity of your fence. We take much pride in the quality of our workmanship and materials.


    Retaining walls can be used for different purposes: 1) to increase the height of a fence, 2) separate the fence boards from coming into contact with the soil, 3) hold back dirt when there is an elevation issue, and 4)an attractive addition to a fence creating a horizontal counterpoint to the vertical fence boards.

    The retaining boards are horizontal 2X12 pressure treated Douglas Fir.