Field Wire Fences

Wire fences are a perfect choice for livestock, deer control and perimeter fencing. A wire fence can also be used for decorative applications or to just create an open/airy look. All of our wire fence designs are galvanized for longevity and come in various types and gauges. We also offer vinyl coated welded wire for a more upscale look.

Additionally, we have a wide variety of posts to choose from – all creating quite different looks. An electric wire can also be added to these farm fences for extra security.

The purpose of your fence will determine which post and wire style is suited for you. We would be more than happy to explain the differences and make practical suggestions to help you select the best solution for your project.


    This wire has larger opening at the top and “Graduates” down to ta smaller opening at the bottom.  This wire come 6′, 7′ and 8′ tall. These fences effectively keep out deer and because of the smaller opening towards the bottom is also keeps out small animals like rabbits and racoons. This mesh can also be used with other materials to provide an attractive open fence.

    Different post and rail materials can also create an appealing frame for this fence type giving it a more upscale look. ***NOTE:  We also have a framing system with untreated steel pipe and untreated t-posts that qualifies for fencing for organic vineyards.


    The “2×4” refers to the 2 inch by 4 inch openings on the heavy duty twisted/woven wire. This wire comes 3′,4′,5′, and 6′ tall. This is a great fence for livestock control like cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and deer. Because of the nature of the twisted wire this design is perfectly suited to following a very long property line that has many changes in slope. It is also useful for more decorative open fences with a variety of different framing materials.


    Welded Wire is an inexpensive choice to mark out your property line and keep dogs and sheep in/out. This fence is best suited for flat land. The height of this fence generally ranges from 3′ to 6′ feet tall. It come in galvanized, green and black vinly coated.

  • (4×4) & (2×4) Hi-Five Wire Panels

    Hi-Five wire mesh panels come in three different patterns. All three patterns are 5′ tall by 16′ long and are 6 gauge hot-dip galvanized.  Patern #1 is a 2″x4″ opening called a Security Panel – great for horses or smaller animals.

    Pattern #2 is a  4″x4″ mesh called Hi-Five panel – great for gardens, handrails and pets.

    Pattern #3 is a 6″x6″ Graduating Hi-Five panel also known as a Combination panel, it graduates from a 6″x6″ opening at the top to a 2″x6 opening toward the bottom of the panel.


    Barbed wire is a relatively inexpensive option.  It’s typically 3 to 5 strands. Barbed wire is well suited for livestock control and makes an excellent barrier fence for delineating and enclosing properties.


    Cable Rail is a steel cable system used typically for perimeter fences, railing, or trellising. Wood or steel can be used for the posts. The stainless or galvanized cable comes in various thicknesses, so we can accommodate any need.  This is a very open style that it ideal when you want to preserve your beautiful view.