Chainlink Fences

Our chainlink fences are all steel with varying gauges of wire and post thicknesses. And we offer upgrades such as vinyl coated mesh and privacy slats. We can design a fence for any use.

  • Galvanized Chainlink Fences

    PLAIN GALVANIZED is our most common chainlink fencing. It is a versatile material used for many applications. Residential, local schools, public parks, and security enclosures both inside and outside buildings.

  • Vinyl Coated Chainlink Fence

    Vinyl coated chainlink fence is durable, attractive and makes a perfect fence for climbing plants. Instead of leaving the chainlink plain, it is coated with colored vinyl.  There are many colors to suit your property. The posts, top rails and fittings can be plain galvanized or vinyl coated as well.

  • Vinyl Slatted Chainlink Fences

    Vinyl slats are woven into the chainlink mesh.  The spaces between the slats is roughly 3/4 inch, so there is a bit of an open gap between slats.  This fence style is used in both residential and commercial, for properties seeking more of a screen/privacy AND security due to the nature of chainklink fencing.

  • Vinyl PRIVACY+ Slatted Chainlink

    Privacy slatted chainlink mesh uses a vinyl slat with a special edge that completely covers the gap in between slats and gives total privacy. The chainlink can be simply galvanized or vinyl coated in either the same or different color from the slats.  The posts, top rail and fittings can be galvanized, poly-coated or vinyl-coated.

  • Vinyl on Vinyl Chainlink

    Vinyl-coated Chainlink mesh WITH vinyl slats.  The vinyl-coated chainlink can either be the same or a different color from the slats. The posts, top rail and fittings can be plain galvanized, poly-coated or vinyl-coated.

  • Top Treatment Options for Chainlink

    Barbed wire or Razor ribbon can be added to the top of chainlink fences if requested for added security. This set up requires single or double arms for attaching the wire/ribbon and can be set straight up or at an angled position.

  • Tennis Courts

    We create top quality tennis court fencing.  From basic function to the elaborate designs, a tennis court fence doesn’t have to be boring.  Check these out.

  • Baseball Backstops

    Baseball backstops are made from heavy guage chainlink fencing and steel galvanized posts which are durable and give high visibility for the people watching the game. There are many different types and sizes of backstops for different age levels in baseball and softball leagues.

    We also construct the dug-outs, the pressure treated Douglas Fir back boards at the bottom of the backstop, special batting and pitching cages, and covers/framing over bleacher seats to protect the fans from sun and rain. We can add several products to the chainlink for further functionality, such as outdoor fabric for weather protections and plastic covers to side top rails allowing spectators to lean on them comfortably.


  • Specialty Projects

    We use  chainlink materials for purposes other than fencing, such as Flood Gates in waterways for deer/field fencing. This solution works great because you can have the gate down and locked in the dry months to keep animals out (or in). Then open it up when the weather is rainy so debris can flow freely under the fence. This is a great solution to minimize damage to your fence in bad weather.

    Other applications are dog kennels, animal enclosures, screens, arbors, warehouses cages, and enclosures around equipment i.e. water tanks